Our Vision

Our Mission

Let us tell you a story. In the Hindu Epic Mahabharata, the renowned archery master Dronacharya was training the ace –archer Arjuna. One day he tied a wooden fish high on a tree above a pool of water and instructed him to aim his bow & arrow at the fish’s eye while looking only at its reflection in the water below. Arjuna took the archer’s stance and Guru Drona made him pause and asked “Son, what do you see?” “I see only the fish’s eye”, said Arjuna without hesitation. Guru Dronacharya exclaimed with delight , “shoot” and Arjuna’s arrow pierced the fish’s eye unwavering.  

Who We Are

ScientiaBio, a young and energetic Indian CRO (established on March 2010), with a global client base, is a dominant player to

the Phama Emerging Nations. We provide precise and targeted solutions to different areas of pharmaceutical development primarily for small & medium size companies.

Our cutting age consulting & training services empower organization with previously unseen insights, enabling them with smarter decision making abilities. Our competence lies on our ability to strengthen our client’s ability to adhere to the best standard of Regulatory body’s guidelines.

Monisha Hajra


Monisha Hajra is a life science Entrepreneur. Her current venture, ScientiaBio is a training and consulting firm for the pharmaceutical industry. She has been instrumental in taking ScientiaBio beyond Indian shores and expanding to Singapore, Malaysia, UAE, South Africa. The Company is also making inroads in other emerging pharma markets. Monisha holds a master degree in Biochemistry from University of Calcutta and post graduate diploma in Bioinformatics from Institute of Bioinformatics and Applied Biotechnology (IBAB). She has worked as a research scientist in Biocon R&D. In 2009, Monisha was selected for Entrepreneurship Course at Indian School of Business, Hyderabad sponsored by Goldman Sachs. She had started the journey of Entrepreneurship at the age of 26 as a founding member of Institute of Computational Biology (IOCB). Monisha received Priyadarshini Award, outstanding women entrepreneur by Federation of Indian Women Entrepreneurs (FIWE) in 2012.