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ScientiaBio, since its inception has worked with large and small biotech and pharmaceutical companies to shape their commercial growth success from market access planning to post launch growth.

The Pharma and Biotech industry operate within a rapidly changing environment and medical affairs is becoming increasingly integral to success. Because of medical affairs unique position in the organization, its essential to identify , understand and articulate the value its create both internal and external stakeholders.

ScientiaBio’s approach to Medical Affairs starts with a compelling and clear vision. We support Medical Affairs department and leards by

  1. Medical, regulatory and promotional strategies
  2. Providing inputs on medical research
  3. Empowering the MSL via all kinds of training and support
  4. Partnering with Health Care Professionals for research work

All types of medical communication writing 

Medical, regulatory and promotional strategies

Providing inputs on medical research

Empowering the MSL

Set your product apart

Successful products must have compelling value stories for all key stakeholders: providers, regulatory agencies, HTA bodies, payers, and patients. IQVIA can help you carry this through from clinical development to successful market entry and product acceptance by demonstrating the unique value and outcomes your advances bring. We can connect with a wide range of stakeholders and suggest the best way to communicate your value message so that it’s understood.


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