About the company
  • Thermal Systems came into being as the brainchild of P.V.Raju, a dynamic first   generation  technocrat, with a fiery vision and years of experience.
    With a core team of highly skilled professionals,TSPL launched into Design and Production of a wide range of Heat Recovery Boilers.
  • The Company focused its attention to the needs of the Fertilizer industry with integral  Suphuric Acid Plants. TSPL met the needs superbly with its expertise and the backing of its in-house design and manufacturing skills, producing reliable, available and maintainable equipment.
    In a span of just 10 years,Thermal Systems with its stringent quality policy and on time deliveries has achieved an enviable level of Customer acceptance. Today TSPL takes pride in having supplied numerous Waste Heat Boilers upto 2 x 175 tph for 2 x 3500 tpd Sulphuric Acid Plants for Power Generation in INDIA and 142 tph for a 4500 tpd Sulphuric Acid Plant in Europe and 215 tph for a 3700tpd Sulphuric Acid Plant in TUNISIA.
    We aspire to be universally acknowledged as a leading System manufacturers in conceptual design to commissioning in the specialized field of generating useful energy from waste heat waste gas, solid waste,low heating value gas and
    fuels to provide cool and clean environment.

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