Waste heat recovery Boilers
  • We provide full backup for our products by means of sales services. Our experienced engineers are always available to reach the customer and attend the technical issues, if any, to ensure the  down-time to the lowest possible.


  • We provided Comprehensive field services   to our customer, whenever called for Comprising of Erection, Commissioning, Trail runs, and PG tests of the equipment supplied by TSPL.


  • We have a fully dedicated team with qualified and experience personnel, to oversea and undertake site activities.


  • We are also well equipped with all the necessary erection tools  and  tackles, testing equipments to cater this demand.


  • TSPL is also fully equipped with latest and modern equipments such as PMI Testing Equipment, Hardness Testing Equipment, Local Thickness Measurement Equipment, Local Stress Relieving Equipment, to ensure same product Quality at fields/sites, as done in the covered factory.